Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gratuitous Nudity

Now you may think by reading the above title that this is going to be about delicious nudity, and you would be right. Although i would recommend that you ungird your loins and put away the lube as this blog is about the male of the species.
Last night i had the misfortune to witness Geoffrey Rush's meat and two vege in the movie 'Quills'.
The scene was decieving, as once again the kit off all the goods were craftily hidden amongst shadows with the odd bit of side ball. I mistakenly thought i was going to be spared the sight of genitals in their 40's when the camera swung round to reveal the very thing i was trying to avoid.
Normally i would simply shudder and then move on but i respect Geoffrey Rush. He is what i think an actor should be, down to earth and humble in his excellence, but now i feel i know him too intimitately. if i was to ever meet him i couldn't look him in the eye, simply because i have seen his penis. I would feel that i would have to show him mine simply to even the score, some might call that wierd and i would agree.
This is why i think there should be a world wide ban on male nudity in film. We simply aren't designed to look good without the aide of clothing.

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