Thursday, February 28, 2008

Harder, Better, Faster, Gayer

Let me just start by saying that Kayne West needs to have his head cut off then boiled and eaten with cous cous for what he has done to modern music.
The music industry seems to have fallen into a rut in the past few years, what with dreary songs about killing oneself to grossly unnecessary film clips being released. There was the odd bastion of decent material to be found amongst the likes of one of my favourite group, Daft Punk. Their music is just so different, so powerful, when you hear it you simply have to strut your funky stuff. Unfortunately for me this beautiful french electronica has been defiled, by none other than the music industries latest copy cat. Instead of doing what every other RnB artist in history does and think of something original, he simply steals other singers' music and lyrics and then adds aggressive bitches and ho's beats to it, stamps his name on the record and lets the cash flow in.
My biggest problem with this is that there is no-one who sounds even remotely the same as Daft Punk. In this world of medeocrity they have managed to create something completely new. That was until mister West walked in.
I'm angry now, i am going to go and listen to some Daft Punk to calm down.


Nathan Green said...


All the shit now is...well just that, shit. Like 80% of the music now is the same old shit just recylced, every RnB song your like "oh thats beyonce, oh wait no it's not, it's someone who sounds identical"

Daft punk shall live forever, and feast on a thousand hams!

Genevieve said...

I just don't listen to modern popular music any more, it makes me too angry ): <

I'd pay a dollar to falcon punch kanye west...

Ellie said...

shit yeah daft punk