Monday, February 25, 2008

Schindlers Lift

The other day i was standing in the lift waiting to be transported oh so slowly to the third floor of H block when i looked down and noticed something strange. Written on the bottom of the lift was the word Schindler, obviously the company responsible for that time capsule some call a lift.
Now I think you can see where this is going, if not may i suggest you get a sense of humour. Yes you guessed it 'Schindlers Lift', hilarious i know!
I'll pause here so you can chuckle to yourself.
I am starting to wonder if this particular brand of lift was inspired by the 1993 classic directed by Steven Spielberg as both Schindlers Lift and Schindlers List are painfully slow!


Mitch said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes! PAINFULLY SLOW... a little TOO painfully slow... If only the lift at southbank had Liam Neeson in it... then it would truely be a lift of schindler's.

A lift so great... Jesus himself would need to take off his sandals to use it's great teleporting powers... has anyone else noticed that... It's FUCKEN wierd. First you get in on the 1st floor... then suddenly gravity increases (most probably because at the time the magical elevator has left the stratusphere is travelling past Neptune) and then wooshes you back to earth only to open up the doors to the 3rd floor. I'm going to see if I can jam the elevator through mid travel just to see whether or not Uranus has a decent sence of humour or not.


frank said...

Use the stairs.

There are some.

They're not as funny though.