Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Bookies are Now Open

You should all know by now that at least two people have fallen asleep in one of Jane's classes (thats my art'n'stuff teacher, in case there is acctually anyone who reads this who isnt in my class), i won't mention either Ryan or Jess' names.
Many would see this as just plain old bad manners and lack of respect, but i am not so sure. You see i think i have found the culprit. Both times Jane was showing us a Powerpoint presentation, and with all the bright light making our eyes water and all the long hours we spend animating each night (to perfect our technique for Ian) we are all pretty tired. The bright light simply forces our eyes closed and that is when the sandman strikes.
So to make this spectacle more interesting i suggest we take bets on who will be the next to fall asleep.
The contenders are: Myself with odds of 8:1, Gen with 4:1 and Ryan with 1:1.
You can place your bets with me and the winner will recieve a $100 gift certificate for Cpt Snooze.


Ian said...

Better get used to the late nights Big D. I'm afraid they are a part of the biz. So far the damands I have made have been pretty small compared to what lies ahead.


Nathan Green said...

oh how he tourments us!!

We must overthrow the tryrant that is IAN!!

Or "The Destroyer" as i like to call him.

I guess you didn't put my name down cause i'm never in her classes? :P

I'll be in them starting next week but, i've actually enrolled now! :D

Ryan said...

yeah well gen, jess and i actually have a late night class :P as does Rai. so you should probs put him in the betting pool :P

DAMN ARTS ADMIN! *shakes fist* :P