Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celebrating Medeocrity

It is with a heavy heart that i write this. You see i have just returned home from a brief car journey, wherein i heard the same song played at the same time on 3 different radio stations, i also head the same add 4 times across 2 stations, and to cap it all off the only song i could find worth listening to was, 'My Heart Will Go On' by that pain in the arse Titanic woman.
I have had it with the main stream media. I am sick of turning on the radio every morning and hearing amateur talent being braodcast alongside amateur music. If i hear Michelle Laurie say "ya know whad i mean" one more time i will hunt her down and gag her, (she is acctually related to my girlfriends mum, so don't think i couldn't find her!)
Problem is its not only the dj's who are pissing me off, its the music. If you were to go down to Nova or B105 and look in their music vault you will probably find about 5 cd's, 2 of Britney Spears, 2 of Random Shit Hop, oh sorry i mean Hip Hop and 1 cd of Celine Dion. Why is there such fear in the media, fear of the original, fear of the new. I probably have more interesting music in my record colletion (you know records, they are those round flat black things your grandma used to listen to) than all the Radio stations in Brisbane put together.
Some of the best songs i have ever heard are ones i had to search through the bargain bin to find.
Its the same with television. Take a look at any sitcom coming out of hollywood today and you'll swear they were all written by the same person. Even England is guilty of this, with shows such as Little Britain. Sure it was funny the first time round, but I am left wondering after 3 series of what is basically the same joke, why is it still on air. Oh look someone is trying to book a holiday, will the computer say no.......oh yes it did, oh wow how do they come up with these gags.
I do have a point so please bare with me. If i am to go on and become an animator, i am almost certainly at some point going to endevour to create my own show. But being a bit wierd and crazy, it will most likely be something unlike most of the modern trash you see on tellie today. But if originality is frowned upon, all this leaves me with is becoming yet another studio drone churning out desktop animations of semi naked, big breasted women (no offence Ian).
So do i struggle on and create something new, or do i become yet another in-betweener. I think this saying sums it up. Its better to have loved and to have lost, than to have listened to an album by Olivia Newton-John.


Ellie said...

try 107.7 or 102.1
can't stand B105 or Nova, or triple m. If there's nothing on JJJ or 4ZZZ I listen to clasical on 106.1

Nathan Green said...

yeah i find 107.7 normally has some good stuff on at night, but nova isn't actually that bad when it's not prime time, it's good at night when your like falling asleep in the passenger seat with some mindless techno. Or if you are going somewhere the night always seems more exciting and so techno is good because then you turn it up and shake your grove thang from the waist up.

But yeah mainstream shit is just that..Shit. Like there are 9999999 emo boy bands who sound the same, generic black female singer, generic black rapper, generic white female singer, and shitty techno, they should just annouce the music in those catagories,

"and now generic black rapper with - "shooting in the hood"


Mitch said...

Hahaha I loved Triple M's comment the other day

"You're listening to Triple M, and we don't put our hands up for detroit"

Ryan said...

It's all the R'n'b that gets me. it all sounds the fucking same! and it really grinds at me. i die a little inside every time i hear it.

I've just given up on the radio all together. So now whenever i'm at parties i'm the only one that doesn't know the words to all of the songs :P

Anonymous said...

what a lot of men fail to realise is that carrying such sizeable assets all their lives makes these women prone to spinal injury

frank said...

Follow the money.

The risk takers, the artists, aren't the ones with business degrees weighed down by risk management and running radio stations that can't afford to offend their advertisers. That's where the sugar's coming from daddy. Ya dig?

I just had the same rant about feature films on the ARC. Anything driven by a boardroom, beancounters and shareholders is driven straight at the mediocre, like a stake at a vampires dinner shirt 3rd button, and then marketed the hell out of, so that we get tortured into thinking that we are supposed to like it.

Remember the Iraqi Information Minister on the building in Baghdad? Remember Goebels (the nazi propoganda minister)? Those guys, and people like them, wrote the study guide for beating peoples minds into mediocrity by saturation marketing.

BUrghalla! PLR%FFT... brain explode.