Friday, June 20, 2008

The Workout.

been doing some of those animation workouts that ian suggested. got about 6 at the moment. several of them still need tweaking. here's what i have got so far, feel free to comment, although if you post negative comments i will come to your house and force you to listen to an Olivier Newton John album.

Bouncing Ball
Here is one ive been working on for some hours now. reletively pleased with it, im sure it could do with some improvement.
Swinging ball

and some more.

Walking Ruff


Ian said...

Nice work Dan

Keep em coming :)

frank said...

I like ONJ. Especially her work in Grease.

But I also like your animation workouts.

You have left me in a quandry.

frank said...

The bouncing ball could have a bit of a roll on it at the finish?

Danielli said...

good idea frank! i shall incorporate it into the next workout i do.