Monday, February 16, 2009

For Frank

Dearest Frank wanted me to post my goals up on my blog for the world to see. so here they.
i want to master the known universe (but i will settle for Guatemala) through the hipnotic power of my animations. Basically i want to be a good character animator and just to change the sugject completely Nathan just rested his head on my shoulder and somehow it feels right!

For those of you who are of a more serious nature please ignore the above and focus on the folFont sizelowing sentence: Basically i want to be a good character animator


Frank said...

Dear Dan. Thanks for the Daft Punk list.

Please find an example of acting that you really like. It can be from live action film, or an animation clip.

I want to discuss it with you.

Your narrative is progressing nicely. Remember to watch those reference films.

I do hope a mega-serious industry animator drops past your blog to give you some direction.

That being said, I know you are serious about your goal and hopefully your humour will shine through in your animation.

Frank said...

Dear Dan

I have been thinking on this topic of your animation goal for this year.

Currently your goal appears to have a very wide mouth. Just about anything could get past.

To help out the goalkeeper (you), we need to narrow the gap.

Please define for me the monicker of "a good character animator".

As I posted above, you could help describe what you mean by using examples of acting or character animation that you assess as good.

Thanks for posting up your goal.