Wednesday, June 10, 2009


its not so bad

crap, pure and simple from Daniel Goodman on Vimeo.


Frank said...

I see you have given yourself some critical examination there Dan.

The next part is noting how you can improve this animation, or what lessons you take to your next one, if you let this attempt defeat you.

When I look at it, I see a world of discovery and exploration. I see screen chewing, ranting, war dances, lots of signs of passion for animation.

As your teacher I found it a very worthy exercise and an excellent spingboard into your next EAP.

How many 'studios' out of the 5 said they would call you in for an interview?

Danielli said...

i had 4 interveiws and 1 maybe. I intend to do all of my major eaps over the holidays so i can figure out where i am likely to go wrong, so next semester when i start the narrative i can get through it without any MAJOR hitches.

Frank said...

Good idea Dan. Set out a production schedule for those weeks. Keep posting your planning work or email me for critiques: story telling poses and line tests.