Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Scene

This is my first scene of my narratvie so far. Some advice and constructive criticism would be apreciated.



Genevieve said...

ok dan I've already told you what I think on skype but since you are a comment ho, here goes:

I think he needs to do that whole arc into the pole thingo movement whatever you call it faster. I'm sure you understand what I mean...

Also, when he breathes, I think if there were a few more frames of him inhaling it would look better.

Other than that I like it a lot, well done, have a cigar. >:)

Frank said...

Hi Dan

Thanks for posting up this sequence.

First up have 10 to 20 frames of idle time on the start of these animations, so the viewer can orientate themselves to the setting.

You need to look at some reference clips to tighten up your timing.

Try Getty Images. I particularly like the archive footage for the type of acting you may be looking for.

The door opening. Try opening it in 6 frames or less ~ BAM! ~ and then selling the speed with a shudder on the arm and door.

I'll be back after lunch.

But start looking or making some video reference.