Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some Fine Videos

Right i have just returned from yet another long ride with no brakes and i am knackered. So to cheer myself up i give you some of my favourite movies on youtube for this week. Basically they are some Japanese guys doing some crazy shit (they aren't subtitled but please be patient as there is some funny shit) and since we are just starting to move into the drawing phase of my class there is a video here of someone drawing some very 'interesting' cartoons.
check them out.
I would also like to quickly mention that is one of the funniest websites i have ever been to.


Mitch said...

Oh DAAAAAN! I've mad a little riddle for you.

He's shixty shix and shtill shexshy. Use this hint wisely

Danielli said...

could is poshibly be shean connery