Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Recommendations

This is a follow up from my last serious blog, 'Celebrating Mediocrity'(spelt incorrectly i am sure). As i sit here at my computer, busily practicing my 'line of action' and drawing dicks in flash (hey i am bored, line of action is not that fun), i have my music playing at what some might call a dangerous level. Never the less i feel compelled to share with you some of my music, but seeing as i have no idea if it is even possible (let alone legal) to post songs on my blog, i will leave you with a list of 5 songs that i would highly recommend to anyone. These would have to be 5 of my favourite songs in existance today, well maybe my favourite 5 for this week seeing as i change my mind so often.
And the winners are.

1. Music is the victim - The Scissor Sisters.
This is some groovy shit, with a slight feel of 70's rock.

2. Like Humans Do - David Byrne
This one comes free with media player so everyone should have it, and to be
perfectly honest with you i love it. It subtly goes from being happy and upbeat
to sad then back to happy. Great song, listen then love it!

3. Jazz Move - Channel Two
A beautiful mixture of funk and smooth jazz, this is the perfect song for a night
of love.

4. Studio Le Funk (80's mix) - Gracious Grooves Orchestra
There is nothing funkier than this. It reminds me of late 70's car chase music.

5. Baila Mi Ritmo - Irakere
The only thing that comes close to the funkiness of the above mentioned. This is
so jazzy i want to stab my own eyes out.

So your mission should you choose to accept it is to check these out. I think they are all available on iTunes so you can preview them. As i mentioned before, listen then love them. Also remember Roger Moore was the best Bond.


Ellie said...

dude, Pierce Brosnan. Hate me for being a modern girl, but you know I'm right.

Danielli said...

Pierce Brosnan is an irishman so he can't quite come to grips with what its like to be an ENGLISH spy.
The whole essence of Bond is that he is arrogant and self obbsessed and he always wins. Brosnan got the self obsessed bit right but he didn't have that twinkle in his eye that Moore could do so well.
Roger Moore had a way of making it seem as though no situation was too difficult for him, he could always crack a joke.
At least you didn't say Sean was your favourite.

Ellie said...

Sean sucks balls. Seriously. Like, that god-awful gravelly crappy voice. Eughhh.
Like there are good, nice gravelly awesome voices (Liam Nealson) But Sean Connery.. BAD. BAD BAD BAD.

frank said...

Connery is the only Bond.

And you know it.