Friday, February 20, 2009

Goals again

ok Frank here we go. this reminds me of high school english where the assignments always asked you a question that could be summed up in a sentence but you had to write 1000 words on the subject, the thing is i was always crap at it so please bare with me on this and dont get pissed if i start to wander, my mind is a dark place and it tends to do its own thing.

now as you know last year a certain person and i had a bit of fun making what you could call a "rather silly" short film (rather silly is latin for "so f**ked up even monty python wouldnt touch it). as much as i enjoyed making that film i knew at the time that that was probably going to be the last time i got to make something the way i wanted it made and got to see the audiences reaction, so we let it go a bit nuts in the hopes of creating something that will go down in SBIT history. handed down from generation to generation as an example of how to entertain (by not taking things too seriously) but not how to animate. I say this because i feel although lots of work went into the making of this epic, no where near enough time was spent refining the animation.
at that time i feel we were relying on our weird sense of humour to get the jokes across, but when i look back on it i feel we could have gotten an even better reaction from the audience (possibly even some respect) if our animation had been better.
yesterday i decided to watch a movie i havent seen since before i started this course, The Incredibles. i have my reservations about this film. for example why the hell are Hellens hips the size of a tree trunk when her stomach and shoulders are tiny. i think it looks dumb but i digress.
i dont normally laugh out loud at a movie, and i didnt this time either, but i did raise (on more than one occasion i might add) a big smile at several gags that could ONLY have been made funny by the animation, characters such as Edna and the little kid who sits on Mr Incredibles diveway waiting for him to do something amazing. The razy poses and hilarious facial expressions really impressed me.
so this year i want to take a different approach to this comedy by making people laugh through the use of nothing but animation with very limited dialogue.
There we go Frank (and possible Ian). i hope that is good enough, if not tough titties i cant think of any other way to put it. anyway i feel there is too much soul searching going on here so to lighten the mood i bring you this.......

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Frank said...

Hi Dan

Just like high school English the teacher is not as interested in the final one sentence answer but in the process of the student's thoughts being written out.

In So You Think You Can Dance, the opposite is true. We just want to see the dancing and not hear about the 'journey'. But I have digressed.

There is no doubt that you are an ideasman. You will have to work hard to settle on one good idea and not listen to all the others trying to get in and interfere with your work time.

Yes, ENTERTAINMENT is often listed as the major important component in an animation. The story may be good but the thing that makes it really, really entertaining is the stuff good animators apply that the audience does not even notice. Sometimes fantastic animation is so good it cannot be described in words it can only be felt. That is what we should aim for.

Thankyou for searching your soul and for mentioning The Incredibles, you have set yourself a wonderfully high benchmark to emulate.

Terry will be talking about nailing down your idea in class tomorrow. Bring the best one.

I'll have to keep The Incredibles in my trousers to whip out everytime you have a question.