Monday, March 3, 2008


This one is for Ian. Apparently i vent too much anger and hatred on this blog of mine, so to lighten the mood here are some happy things.


Ian said...

Ahhh thats better, look kittens, and a horsy! annnd.... Hey Wait A Minute!?!??!?

Hmmm well I guess they are nice too, althought the way that the lady is frames so that we can't even see her face just goes to show how little the fiendish photographer cares about what I'm sure is a charming personality.

It seem that even in this case you have managed to alienate a group of people. Even 25% of the people. What are we going to do with you?

Ian said...

25% ??????

I meant to say 52%, got my fingers crossed.

Danielli said...

you're forgeting that a lot of new age gals like to look of a real woman. so maybe your first figure of 25% was correct after all.

Genevieve said...

Well that certainly cheered me up